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Case Study: Automated Recruiting in Trials

On behalf on one of our sponsor partners, monARC conducted a feasibility study with a cross-over design to evaluate the opportunity of using digital technologies to collect clinically relevant data in Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis (IPF) patients in the home.

Digital technologies included:

  • Portable spirometers

  • Integrated wearable activity and sleep monitors

  • Wireless body weight scales

  • A smartphone with the monARC app embedded to assess patients’ experience of common disease symptoms

Participants who met the inclusion/exclusion criteria typically applied to IPF trials were enrolled in this fully virtual study. The findings were compelling:

  • Recruitment to this study was 32x faster than for traditional IPF studies

  • Adherence across all activities was over 90%

  • Participants reported enjoying engagement using monARC’s app

    • “Recording the symptoms in the app was fun” – Participant quote captured during phone interviews with participants

  • 90% participants reported they would be interested in participating in a future study of longer duration


Key takeaway

The monARC Real-World Data Platform can be used to recruit to and conduct fully virtual clinical trials on accelerated timelines with high retention and participant satisfaction

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