Tech Spotlight: monARC is building patient research networks for next generation clinical trials

monARC activates Patient Research Networks powered with a transformative data collection and analytics platform that converges data from clinical care and digital devices (smartphones and sensors) into a Smart Health Record. The Smart Health Record is a holistic, computable, longitudinal medical record that generates deep insights to inform trial designs and stratify patients. In addition, the platform leverages telemedicine and mobile technologies to facilitate trial participation from anywhere, anytime.

Download the PF Health app on the Apple App Store

Use the PF Health mobile app to: Track and trend your IPF related symptoms, record your spirometry values to help monitor the progression of your pulmonary fibrosis, monitor and trend your weight over time, keep up-to-date with the latest pulmonary fibrosis news and resources, pre-qualify for any upcoming IPF Clinical Trials, and more.

Empowering Patients and Accelerating Research: It’s Everyone’s Goal in the Rare Community

The Pulmonary Fibrosis Warriors (PF Warriors) and monARC Bionetworks teamed up to host a Facebook Live video, sharing important information about how patients can become more involved in research and more in control of their own health.

monARC Bionetworks’ Data Sharing Could Benefit the Rare Disease Community

Scientists aren’t always the best at sharing amongst themselves. But sharing data could mean accelerated research. By making your own data available to scientists you can help contribute to a more holistic record, and by default, stimulate the research process. This is the theory monARC Bionetworks stands by.

monARC Bionetworks presents at the Patients as Partners Conference

monARC Bionetworks’ will present on how its approach to patient centric research transforms a sequential and siloed drug development model into an integrated and collaborative data sharing model between patients, providers, and researchers without sacrificing the principles of evidence based medicine.