Optimizing Clinical Research

We help life science companies optimize planning and execution of trials by leveraging real-world data.


monARC Health Data Platform

Bi-directional health data sharing platform consolidates and analyzes data securely from multiple sources in minutes versus days.

  1. monARC Data Repository is a HIPAA compliant database that securely aggregates millions of patient records and billions of sensor data into a common data model to inform research and care

  2. monARC App™ records daily symptoms, flares and environmental conditions to help patients better manage and visualize insights into their health

  3. monARC Smart Health Record™ consolidates and digitizes medical records from multiple providers into a single digital health record to better inform care

  4. monARC RWD Analytics Engine uses machine learning and natural language processing to extract relevant data from structured and unstructured data that generates evidence for clinical research


Clinical Trial Design Support

By accessing real-world patient data, monARC informs protocol design and site selection.


• Inform protocol design to maximize patient eligibility and participation.

• Avoid costly amendments.

• Optimize site performance.


Pre-Qualified Patient Recruiting

By engaging patients early and continuously to share their health data, monarc provides high speed precision matching to clinical trials. Our precision match generates trial ready patients to inform site selection, save hours of pre-screening time by site staff and accelerate trial enrollment by months.


• Reduce screen-fail rates.

• Accelerate recruiting rates 10x or higher than traditional methods.

• Eliminate weeks of medical history retrieval and hours of screening time.


External Control Arms

monARC generates external control arms that model the placebo or standard of care arm in clinical trials using data routinely captured in EHRs combined with other RWD sources.


• Reduce trial enrollment size.

• Reduce Cost by utilizing data generated through routine care.

• Accelerate overall trial timelines by months.